How to share Ubuntu drive

Today I need to share some testing data (deployment package) from one Ubuntu to another. Probably the simplest way is to install samba-server to Ubuntu and access it from the second one.

How to install samba server in Ubuntu

To install samba server, use:

sudo apt-get install samba
sudo smbpasswd [user-name]

When asked, enter new samba access password for selected user. Now you need to install gnome-install-tools to be able use shares-admin command to view all shared folders

sudo apt-get install gnome-system-tools

Now setup folder sharing and close dialog. From now, you can use


to access your samba-shared folder.

How to access samba sharing from Ubuntu

If you want to access samba share from ubuntu using GUI-way, follow next steps:

1) Open Places->Connect to Server
2) Choose Type: Windows Share
3) To “Server” field enter IP of your server (or computer-name)
4) To “Share” enter path of your shared folder
5) “Folder” keep as is “/”
6) Enter user details based on previous samba server settings

Now click “Connect” and your shared folder should be connected.

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