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Tag: #Git

Tips for versioning systems (Git, svn, mercurial,...)

Get packed archive of changed files from git directory (more info)

zip $(git diff --name-only)<br />

Packed last changes of git:

 git archive -o head $(git diff --name-only)<br />

How to upgrade svn to 1.7 on Ubuntu 10.4

Here is nice step-by-step manual.

09 Aug 2014

Git tips

Show files status

git status #show all files<br />
git statis -u -s #show untracked in short listing<br />

Commit with message

git commit -m&quot;text&quot;<br />

Recursive add files by mask to git

git add *.mask -A<br />

Linux-recursive remove some files

find -iname '*mask' | xargs rm<br />

How to create global .gitignore file

git config --global core.excludesfile /file-path/.gitignore-global<br />
15 Nov 2010

Posted by: ludek.vodicka

Programming #MacOs #Linux #Git #Windows

How to install and configure git with ssh key

  • Download git client depends on your OS platform
  • Open your .ppk key in PuTTY Key generator and export key to OpenSSH key:
  • Content of this OpenSSH key store to file ~/.ssh/id_dsa (copy exported key to ~/.ssh folder and rename it to id_dsa)
  • Now change security permissions on this file to 400 (chmod 400 ~/.ssh/id_dsa)
  • Now cal ssh-add to load id_dsa key

And it's done. Now you can use your git. For example clone some repository:

git clone ssh:[email protected]/~/repository/example.git<br />

Automatic ssh-key loading during startup:


14 Nov 2010

Posted by: ludek.vodicka

Programming Linux #Linux #Git

Git on windows with Unicode filename support

Today I found out that Windows version of Git doesn't support Unicode character in file names. After some time spent by searching on google, I found updated version of msysgit with Unicode support. This version is available here: Thank you Takuya Murakami!

11 Nov 2010

Posted by: ludek.vodicka

Programming #Git #Unicode #Windows