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Tag: #command line

Cmder, Cygwin and other

15 Oct 2016

Posted by: ludek.vodicka

Windows #Windows #Bash #cygwin #command line

Linux find usage

<p>#syntax<br />
#find [SETTINGS] PATH [EXPR]</p>
<p>#write all files<br />
<p>#write all files in specified diretory<br />
find /usr/dev</p>
<p>#write files with extension .pro<br />
find /usr/dev -name &quot;*.pro&quot;</p>
<p>#write &quot;file&quot;<br />
find /usr/dev -name &quot;*.pro&quot; | echo file</p>
<p>#wite file followed by all files in ONE row<br />
find /usr/dev -name &quot;*.pro&quot; | xargs echo file</p>
<p>#write found file to specified position in echo command (char $ can be raplaced by anything else, for examle {} )<br />
find /usr/dev -name &quot;*.pro&quot; | xargs -I $ echo file: $</p>
<p>#change date time in all *.pro files<br />
find /usr/dev -name &quot;*.pro&quot; | xargs -I $ touch -t 201208131010 $</p>
<p>#find specified texts in files<br />
grep &quot;text&quot; *.pro</p>
<p>#find texts and write also a file name<br />
grep -H &quot;text&quot; *</p>
<p>#write only file names (really don't know how it works ;-) )<br />
grep -h &quot;text&quot; * | cut -d: -f1</p>
<p>#change privileges for files with content<br />
grep -h &quot;text&quot; * | cut -d: -f1 | xargs -I $ chmod 777 $</p>

14 Aug 2012

Posted by: ludek.vodicka

Linux #Linux #command line