Cmder, Cygwin and other

Console emulator for windows – CMDER Cygwin installation package – CYGWIN Integrate Cygwin to CMDER How to add additional packages to cygwin (apt-cyg….) apt-cyg installation¬†(lynx required from Cygwin package)

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Linux Programming Windows

MinGW and compilation 32/64bit libraries

Install MinGW-64 1) Download MinGW 64-bit and 32-bit – Toolchains targetting Win64 / Toolchains targetting Win32 – Automated Builds – mingw-w64-1.0-bin_i686-mingw_*.zip – mingw-w32-1.0-bin_i686-mingw_*.zip 2) Download MSYS compatible with 64-bit MinGW 3) Extract MinGW32, mingw64 and MSYS to one folder MinGW-32, MinGW-64 and MSYS to folder MinGW64 (Bin folder from MinGW will be …

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