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How to compile FastCGI library in Visual Studio 2010 C++

FastCGI comes with Win32 project for VisualStudio6. Unfortunately when you try to open it in VisualStudio2010 the project will be corrupted. To correctly compile it for VS2010 it’s necessary to download library sources, get patches from site and apply it. Download library Download latest version of Development Kit here and extract it to standalone directory. Get …

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FastCGI c++ library for all platforms (Windows, Mac and Linux)

List of existing libraries official fastcgi ( – necessary to update win32 project fastcgi / cgi  c++ ([email protected] / ) – limited windows support c++ FastCGI Protocol Driver ( – POSIX only fastcgi++ ([email protected]/ / [email protected]) – only for POSIX systems fcgi Qt ( – for Qt apps cgicc ( – no fastcgi support (although mentioned on their site) fastcgi-daemon (yandex) ( – posix only …

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