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Tag: #jenkins

Execute jenkins build from command line

curl -X POST --user user:apitoken http://server/job/JOB_NAME/build?delay=0sec<br />

Api token:

http://server/user/USER_NAME/configure<br />
11 Feb 2015

Posted by: ludek.vodicka

Programming #jenkins

Disable sudo password on Jenkins build machines

edit file sudoers

sudo nano /etc/sudoers</p>
<p>sudo visudo<br />

and modify

%sudo ALL=(ALL) ALL<br />


%sudo ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL<br />

and add following line to the end of the file:

user ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL<br />

Be careful!

When editing sudoers, it's necessary to be very careful. Any error cause that you will not be able to edit this file anymore and also not to use sudo ;-).

Here are links how to fix it (verified ;-) )

Remote links

02 Dec 2014

Posted by: ludek.vodicka

Programming Linux #Linux #jenkins #sudo

Jenkinks and MacOS application signing

After re-installing our MacOS building machine which we're using for ORM Designer deploy, we started to getting following message:

./ User interaction is not allowed.<br />

After short searching on the internet I found it's required to click on **"Always Allow"** dialog.... which unfortunately we don't have on the console ;-).

The trick is in the keychain unlock. For this purpose we can use following command:

security unlock-keychain -pPASSWORD ~/Library/Keychains/login.keychain<br />

That's all. After this command I'm able to sign my application from Jenkinks command line again.

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23 Sep 2013