Very slow svn updates from Virtual Machines (VMWare)

I have a lot of virtual machines used for my everyday development. It’s very frustrating the SVN update speed if you have several externals in your main SVN source.

Today when I wait for some compilation start searching if there is anything what could improve SVN speed. After searching a lot of articles about faster network, better server hdd,… I found article with mention how SVN client communicate with server (intensively 😉 ). But without any clue how to improve it.

So I start searching how SVN client communiacte from within VMWare machines to server. I noticed that VMWare default network settings is NAT: Used to share the host’s IP address:

So I start trying other network methods and this is the result:

When I use “Custom: Specific virtual network” and choose “VMnet0 Bridged”, my svn update is about ten times faster than on NAT settings!!. I also tried first option “Bridged:…” but this doesn’t work for me.