Welcome to my blog

Hi, I greet everybody who came to this blog 😉

My name is Ludek Vodicka and I’m a C++ developer.

I have created this blog because till now I have worked on many projects, but none of them has any history log or screenshots from its development. My previous and still active project ORM Designer has also a blog, but I started blogging just after majority of work has been done. And after two years of development it is a shame that I don’t have any screenshots from the first aplha version or don’t have any notes from the first days of development.

So I decided to start this blog where I will put all my notes, alpha screenshots and piece of knowledge about my next project – Party money. I suppose and hope that I will add to this blog all relevant informations about this and maybe about my next projects. So maybe after few months or years this blog would become a usefull logbook of all work made on projects of mine.

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