Party money – what it might be

Few years ago I created a simple small application for windows mobile, which we used with our friends to track our group expenses during our life at campus. Those days we called the application “Blbnik”, what in english means something like “Dummier” 🙂 We used the application about two years until we had changed windows mobile phones to symbian phones. After that, we have forgotten this app and there hasn’t been any plans to develop a new version. Until now 😉 Because I want to try another project, and mobile projects have currently a great potential, I decided to reborn this idea and create it for mobile devices.

Because I’ve always worked in Visual C++, I searched for a project which would enable me to create an iPhone app using this environment. After reading lot of websites and reviews, I decided to give a try to Airplay SDK project. They promise multiplatform framework, when I create one application using Visual C++ and then compile the final executable application to several platforms like iOs, Symbian, Badu, Windows Mobile, etc (list of all platforms here). Looks promissing, we will see if everything will be so simply 😉

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