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Qt 5.5.0 an Qt 5.5.1, QWebEngine, QtWebKit and ICU

Notes about compiling QtWebEngine (instead of QtWebkit) together with Qt 5.5.1

Qt 5.5.0 configure switches for ICU:

configure \<br />
    -icu \<br />
    -I Q:\SharedLibraries\icu4c-51_1\icu\include \<br />
    -L Q:\SharedLibraries\icu4c-51_1\icu\lib64<br />

Starting with 5.5.1 it shouldn't be necessary to compile and ship ICU libraries because ICU should be included in Qt package itself.

Compile QtWebkit

It's necessary to compile it as standalone module.

cd Qt/qtwebkit<br />
perl Tools\Scripts\build-webkit<br />

Simpler solution

Much easier solution seem to be to use  ;-)


  • When changing configure settings, it's sometimes necessary to perform complete clean rebuild. The  best way how to do that is download completely new source package.
  • nmake clean or nmake distclean unfortunately didn't work for 100%
  • It's necessary to have installed Ruby, Python and Perl

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06 Dec 2015

Posted by: ludek.vodicka

Qt #Qt #webengine #webkit #icu