DD-WRT Monitoring bandwidth per IP

For detailed bandwidth tracking there is a great plugin ip_conntrack available on dd-wrt.com forum.

Step 1 – upload plugin to DD-WRT

The easiest way how to upload any content to DD-WRT is build-it ProFTPD server. To enable it, open Services -> NAS and check ProFTPD server.


Now you can upload any content to your router by any FTP client.

Step 2 – connect to router by telnet

My DD-WRT firmware has some problems with SSH so it isn’t possible to use it. It’s not a big deal because we can connect to router by telnet (in Win7 it’s necessary to install it Add or Remove program->Turn Windows Features -> Telnet client). Run Telnet from start menu and type (use IP address based on your own configuration)

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Step 3 – Install ip_conntrack plugin

Now it’s necessary to execute all steps described in ip_conntrack post.

#Extract and set correct permissions
chmod +x /tmp/MyPage/*.sh
ln -s /tmp/MyPage/www/qos_conntrack.js /tmp/www/

#register new page
nvram set mypage_scripts="/tmp/MyPage/qos_conntrack.sh"
nvram commit

#activate new page

Step 4 – Configure automatic execution of script

Not tested, more info on plugin page

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