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Tag: #port-forwarding

Using ssh as proxy/tunnel between Mac OS and Linux

How to connect to remote computer with private key by using ssh:

#register private key<br />
ssh-add ~/dev/Private/ludek_vodicka_dsa.openssh</p>
<p>#connect to computer and forward local port to remote computer and remote port<br />
<p>#connect to computer and create SOCKS proxy on port SOCKS_PORT<br />
ssh -p PORT -lUSER -D SOCKS_PORT<br />


If your private key was created for Windows, it will probably not work on linux/mac. It's necessary to convert it by using puttygen (on mac or windows). You need to open it by puttygen and choose "Save as openssh" from menu.

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07 Feb 2014

Posted by: ludek.vodicka

Linux Mac OS #ssh #tunnel #port-forwarding