Google breakpad 2020

Get breakpad

git clone
git clone

Prepare windows

gyp\gyp.bat --no-circular-check breakpad\src\tools\windows\tools_windows.gyp
gyp\gyp.bat --no-circular-check src\client\windows\breakpad_client.gyp

Prepare linux

  • add src/third_party/lss/linux_syscall_support.h

Fix few things in VS studio in tools_windows

– library output from $(OutDir)lib\$(ProjectName).lib to $(OutDir)\$(ProjectName).lib
– add missing dependency lib Pathcch.lib
– unload gtest, gmock and dump_syms_unittest

Fix few things in VS studio in breakpad_client

– library output from $(OutDir)lib\$(ProjectName).lib to $(OutDir)\$(ProjectName).lib
– unload all unittests projects
– for crash_Generation_client, crash_generation_server, exception_handler, common, crash_generation_app
– c++ -> language -> enable RTTI YES
– c++ -> codegeneration ->runtime library -> MD/MDd

How to extract symbols

The simplest way is to use

dump_syms.exe APP_PATH\APP.exe > app.sym

but this doesn’t prepare correct structure for automatic dmp file evaluation, so we need to use

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