List of icons II.

Because list of icons looks really good for me, I decided to use it everywhere where it is possible ;-). I extend list classes, so buttons can have different sizes and customized captions. Besides icons choosing this widget will be used for displaying a person in a profile and for choosing person in a transactions.

List of Icons implementation

A next screen widget which I need for my Party cash application is scrollable grid of icons. What looks simply became a problem which needs several hours ;-). Again, because Airplay SDK doesn’t have any prepared widget, I have to create a new by using several existing ones. Result looks very promising, but currently without a final skin. So buttons have ugly default gray skin ;-).

Simple window framework for Airplay SDK

Altough I still explore lot of features and possibilities of Airplay framework, definitely I know that framework has only limited support for complex UI applications. Guys from Airplay SDK do a lot of work for 2D and 3D applications, and have a basic support for creating and skinning app windows and widgets. But what I really miss is some layer which helps you with window creating, event handling and so on.

So, I decided to create one on my own which is based on my another project Atomix – a large project for Visual C++. Currently I have implemented a window manager and action manager for Airplay SDK. So now, instead of writing lot of code for creating and handling windows, I have everything encapsulated in few objects and all my screen objects are derived from these base clases.

Still a lot of work has to be done to achieve the final application 😉

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Party cash application diagram

As the first thing in Part-cash application development we brainstormed an application diagram. I think that during time some screens will be extended or modified, but major part of the app will be the same. And here is a screenshot of our whiteboard after three hours of drawing and erasing 😉